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woensdag 28 maart 2018

Let Me Blow Ya Megamix 2018-03-29 (+ tracklist)

Here you can download my Let Me Blow Ya Megamix.

This is the tracklist of the songs used. Repeats of earlier songs have no new number.

0.   Eve + Gwen Stefani - Let me Blow Ya mind (instrumental)
1.   Gil Scott-Heron B- Movie
2.   Pharell Can I have it like that
3.   Peech Boys Life is Something Special
4.   Jay-Z 99 Problems
5.   Sean Paul  Got to Luv Ya
6.   Busta Rhymes Put Your Hands where my eyes
7.   Busta Rhymes + Mariah Carey I Know What You Want
8.   Dr. Dre The Next Episode
9.   Afroman Because I Got High
10.   Toni Braxton You're Making Me High
11.   Macklemore+Lewis Thriftshop
12.   Sean Paul+ Blu Cantrell Breathe
13.   50 cent 21 Questions
14.   Otis Redding Live at the whisky go go pt 2
15.   Mr. President Coco Jambo
16.   Beats International dub be good to me
17.   Eminem my name is
18.   Will Smith Summertime
19.   Frank Sinatra New York New York
20.   Kings of Leon Sex is on Fire
21.   LMFAO I Am Sexy and I Know It
22.   The Fugees Ready or Not
22.   Grandmaster Flash The Message
23.   Eminem Guilty Conscience
24.   Kelis Milkshake
25.   Dr. Dre Still D.R.E.
26.   Missy Elliott Back in The Day
27.   Ice Cube Hello
28.   NWA Chin Check
29.   Mary J Blige Be Happy
--.   NWA Chin Check (outro)
--.   The Fugees Ready or Not
30.   Busta Rhymes We're Getting Arab Money
31.   Grandmaster Flash The Message
32.   Christina Aguilera DIRTY
33.   Otis Redding Live at the whisky go go pt 2
34.   Beyonce + Sean Paul Baby Boy
35.   Beyonce Single Ladies
36.   Khia My Neck My Back
37.   Eminem without me
38.   Mark Morrison Return of the Mack
39.   Nicole and 50 cent Right there
--.   Eminem my name is
40.   Dr. Dre Nuthing but a G Thang
41.   Aaliyah Try Again
42.   50 cent PIMP
43.   50 cent In da Club
--.   Nicole and 50 cent Right there
44.   Eminem my name is
45.   MC Lyte 10 percent Dis
46.   Snoop Dog Mission Cleopatra
47.   The D.O.C. The Shit
48.   TLC No Scrubs
49.   Lovebug Starski Positive Life
50.   Gorillaz Clint Eastwood
51.   Extreme More than Words
52.   Queen We Will Rock You
--.   Mr. President Coco Jambo
--.   Will Smith Summertime
53.   De Foetsies (Dutch: Killing me softly) Hij Maakte Me Gek Met Zijn Vingers
54.   Wallace + Statler They Like It

Important songs for Cor van Spaendonck

Below is a list of songs that made a lasting impression on me, or really formed me and my muscial taste. I put op the first few that came to mind. If you have suggestions ("but in that case you must also like....") that I forgot, I will add those over time. The order is irrelevant.

  • Sexual Healing - Marvin Gaye
  • Blue Monday - New Order
  • Situation (Francois Kevorkia mix) - Yaz
  • I.O.U. (Arthur Baker mix) - Freeez
  • Don't Make Me Wait - NYC Peech Boys
  • I Feel Love (Patrick Cowley version) - Donna Summer
  • Planet Rock - Africa Bambata + Soul Sonic Force
  • Adventures at the Wheels of Steel - Grandmaster Flash
  • Lessons 1/2/3 - Double D & Steinski
  • Pump Up the Volume - MARRS
  • Erotic City - Prince (and Kiss, Sexy MF, Get Off, When Doves Cry)
  • Kid Creole & Coconuts megamix for Disco Mix Club by Alan Coulthard
  • Buffalo Gals - Malcolm McLaren
  • Holidays in the Sun - Sex Pistols (first track of side A Never Mind the Bollocks - wow!) 
  • F* You I Won't Do What You Tell Me - Rage Against The Machine
  • No Diggity - Blackstreet
  • Freak Like Me - Adina Howard
  • Keep Their Heads Ringing - Dr. Dre
  • This Is How We Do It - Montell Jordan
  • The Show - Doug E Fresh
  • Juicy - Notorious BIG
  • Turn Me On - Kevin Lyttle
  • Paid in Full (Coldcut mix) - Eric B + Rakim
  • Viva Colonia - Die Höhner

What is mood improving music ?

I like to improve the mood of people using music. There, I have said it. I do this in three ways.

  1. Mood improving lyrics. For occasions like a wedding, a funeral, the death of a pet, retirement, new job I like to provide an existing song with a lyric that is relevant to the situation. I understand Dutch, English and German songs good enough to do this. But I have to know and understand the person and the situation for a good match. I think more people should do this for their friends, families and colleagues, especially in cases where your own words seem to fail to help them feel better. And sometimes just an instrumental melody or a funny or touching video accompanying the music is a good solution.Of course you can also be the guy or gal that puts on exactly the right song at a party to heighten the atmosphere. To improve the mood, that original mood can be happy already and become ecstatic because of you.
  2. Mega mixtapes. In some cases, one song is not enough because of the gravity of the situation. Or because of the many aspects involved. Or you like the person really, really well (and not as just a friend...). In these instances I make a mixtape for them or for a group of them. DJ's that influenced me are Ben Liebrand, with his minimixes combining two or three songs, megamixes of an hour of current songs, and grandmixes that cover the songs of a specific year. And Ferry Maat who in his Soul Show on Dutch radio introduced me to segues and medleys and the "Bond van Doorstarters" (League of Home Mixers). And also DJ Pool, a Danish mixer who made an eight hour megamix covering almost every popular song of the 80's and 90's (and a lot of 70's as well). I like to create, but within boundaries, for instance using only German Schlager songs, or beginner dance level songs for West Coast Swing, all mixes of "Blurred Lines" by Robin Thicke or all songs that fit with "Let Me Blow Your Mind", by Eve and Gwen Stefani. These mixtapes will be put on dropbox and I will provide a link on this site.
  3. Merry mashups. I can appreciate a good, timely chop-mix. For instance from "I Will Survive" to "Freak Out", using Gloria's "Oooh" (in the break) and leaving out Chic's. But most of the time, the longer the overlap between two (or more) songs in a mix, the better it sounds. This liking brought me to mashups, or bootlegs, booties, hybrid pop, bastard pop and so on. If you are reading this blog, you probably know that mashups combine two or more songs, often from different genres, and usually made by combining the acapella (so just the vocals) of song A with the music (or a repeated part of it) of song B. I have found that a lot of vocals, rap included improve (for me) by putting a reggae riddim under them. The harshness of a lot of rap lyrics can be softened by using more commercial music as backing. But the beats of the same rap and hiphop records (Hello Dr. Dre!!) are very usable to put under the vocals of current hits of (girl) singers or old time classics like the Beegees and the Commodores. The main idea is to improve the accessability or dancability of songs from different genres. I like all kinds of music, but am still getting used to death metal and klezmer. The mashups I have made (about 270 since 2014) are or will be published on the following website: https://sowndhaus.audio/profile/corvanspaendonck 
At the moment (end of march 2018) I have put up about 75 mashups on sowndhaus; there will be more, so revisit there often if you like them. I also joined mashstix.com to improve my musical mixing skills with the feedback of other users of that forum. When I make the Frontpage there, some of my future / improved mashups will be published there as well.